Medicinal Properties of Maple Syrup

Did you know that maple syrup has medicinal properties that make it beneficial for people with various health conditions? Not only is it a sugar that is naturally found in the sap of maple trees, it is also a sugar that has been recommended for people with conditions such as diabetes. Check out the various links below which have some very informative facts about how maple syrup can help you.

Here are some facts about maple syrup: 1. it is not in need of any chemicals for processing. 2. It has been known to aid in the functioning of vital organs such as your liver/kidneys. 3. Maple syrup contains various polyphenols and phytohormones whcih help the pancreas in producing insuling. 4. The presence of Zinc in maple syrup assists people in the healing of our bodies, as well as helping the prostate in males, decrease the rate of atherosclerosis and the prevention of oxidized fats and cholesterol.

Pure Maple Syrup Contains Medicinally Beneficial Compounds, Pharmacy Researcher Finds: Science Daily